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Finnish Nationals is done!

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Finnish Nationals is done! It was a great day and a great battle! Seppo Paju (Prodigy) is the new champion in MPO, after a very good and constant weekend. Seppo\'s last round was eight under par, and that was enough to leave challengers Väinö Mäkelä (Prodigy) and Leo Piironen (Discmania) behind. Luukas Rokkanen from Prodiscus played good round, six under par and he was tied for the 23 place.

In FPO, Eveliina Salonen (Innova) played solid and held her lead, and is the new champion. Henna Blomroos (Prodiscus) was second, and Anna-Sofia Haipus third. Anne Kettunen (Prodiscus) placed fifth after very constant and good weekend. Good job ladies!

In Masters, Teemu Holappa played hot round five under par, and climbed to first place, before Jani Winterhalter and Erkka Leivo (Prodiscus), who were tied for second place. It has been a good year for Erkka, as he is now Finnish Doubles Champion and second in Finnish Nationals

Check the rest of results and winners from: https://kisakone.frisbeegolfliitto.fi/kilpailu/763/katso/leaderboard

PDGA Event Page: http://www.pdga.com/tour/event/33452

Congratulations to the new champions! 

Photos by: SFL

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