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Great weekend for Prodiscus

Great weekend for Prodiscus

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Great weekend for Prodiscus! Yesterday, we had news that Anne Kettunen, and team Finland won silver at the World Team Disc Golf Championship!

Today we have other good news, from Prodiscus Open, in Karkkila Finland. Altogether five team players were participating, and after three rounds, the final results are:


1. Erkka Leivo / Prodiscus Open Karkkila (C-Tier)
2. Kai Vesa / Prodiscus Open Karkkila (C-Tier)


5. Henri Perälä / Prodiscus Open Karkkila (C-Tier)
11. Ilkka Niemi / Prodiscus Open Karkkila (C-Tier)
20. Antti Ylikitti / Prodiscus Open Karkkila (C-Tier)

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