Prodiscus makes all kind of customs for disc golf. Discs, minis, towels, caps, shirts and many more. We produce customs from single product up thousands. So you can get your tournament and club discs or your friends birthday present with simple order from us.

Custom discs
Disc customization is made either with foil stamp or printed. Foil stamps will give you one color stamp and design has some limits to make it work properly. Foil stamping has a 50€ starting fee for stamp plate. Printing method is a full color print that can cover the top area or the disc. There is no starting fees on this. Dome discs can not be printed fully covered.

Custom towels
Towels we mark with embroidery or with printing technique. Towels are high quality microfiber and those keep your discs and hands dry on wet days. No starting fees.

Custom caps
On caps we use Flexfit caps and Youpoon snapbacks. Markings are made by embroidery. No starting fees.

Custom clothes
The clothes we chose to Prodiscus line up are recycled cotton. These are durable and holds the colors fresh. We have plenty of different clothing opportunities. So please contact us to get more information.