Prodiscus use high quality and most durable plastic to great the best disc golf discs for you. These plastic types are Basic, Premium and Ultrium.

Basic plastic is best on putters and midranges. It gives you an excellent grip for the disc and is there fore good on putting. Whit this soft touch it makes your approach shots easier to control and make your shots to the target. The very first Basic have been switched to a stiffer one, but old gummy will be produced for limited editions. I have also added Hard Basic for line up.

Premium plastic offers durability. This said and after you have tested you know the difference. You may dry to bead these in, but you only get little marks on discs. Durability gives you trust for you throws. No matter if you hit a tree or a rock it always stays the same.

Ultrium plastic gives you the ultimate touch and durability. The grip on this plastic is so good that you never wanna throw anything else. You will get a good grip on Ultrium even on a rayny days.

Line up on discs has always been simple. My idea was to greate just the amount of discs needed for the game. In past years I have added some easy throwing discs to the lineup. These are good for younger players and beginners.