Prodiscus manufactures disc golf discs, bags, baskets and lots of different accessories. 

Prodiscus Disc golf discs.

Disc production started 2009 when RESPECTi sold was drawn and produced. This disc came out super stable but it is still one of the discs Prodiscus is know off. Soon after that we made the JOKERi. This disc made it to the list of top discs in the world. JOKERi is known of it’s stability and straight flight with decent fade at the end until you wear it down. This might take a while because the plastic types we use are the most durable in the market. For example none of the discs has broke down yet.

Discs are made in four different plastics at the moment. There is a change that the first run JOKERi plastic will be back on production later. For now we have a Basic plastic that is mainly for putters and midranges. This plastic is also made in HARD edition.

Premium is the plastic I chose for the drivers right away when I tested it. This gives the perfect feel and grip for you. Premium plastic is also really durable and you will need years to beat your discs to loose their stability. To break those you can’t.

Ulrium is based on Premium plastic. But I wanted more. More grip in wet days and better look. So I made the first blend and came up with Ultrium. All other plastic types are pure plastic from the manufacturer. This keeps the quality stable but manufacturing process harder.

Prodiscus Disc golf bags.

Bags that I produce are Made in Finland. So far I have only made back-bags because it’s been the trend since I started. The Prodiscus 30+ was designed based on my thoughts and ideas what the bag should have. For this process I got help from my good friend Jaska Halttunen. I din’t know Jaska before this and we ended up into this project by talking disc designs after he won a design contest at PDGA. The first design evolved a lot but I think we captured all the best features on it at the end. Since the first prototype the bags has not been changed because there is nothing you could do better.

Prodiscus Pro TARGETTi basket.

Pro TARGETTi is high quality tournament basket. It fills up the Pro Tour standards in every aspect. TARGETTi is an innovation from all the thoughts I have had on field when ever the discs have not stayed in the basket. Triple chain design has no open caps at any sector. All the chains are movable backwards and therefore it’s giving the disc more space to stay in. More harder you throw more chains will be catching the disc. TARGETTi catches the discs better than any other.