Register Description, updated Feb 16th 2023


Souranderintie 2 E
37100 Nokia
+358 50 357 2712
VAT: FI19045794

Purpose of the register

The main purpose of the register is to handle all the information from customers that is needed to fulfill, deliver and archive the customer orders. This register is also used solve any problems related to the order and resolving customer returns.

Information may be used for developing operations and for statistical purposes as well as in marketing. Some of the information in the register may be sent to partners who are developing and handling the customer relations and marketing on behalf of This means also marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram or similar to advertise on these channels.

Information stored in the register

The customer register may contain all information that is given to by it’s customer while placing an order or registering as a user to For example:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Email and certificate used while logging in with social media accounts
  • Order history
  • Club or association the person belongs to
  • Other additional information given on the order
  • Used delivery and payment methods
  • Shipment tracking details
  • Customer reviews
  • Usage and browsing information of the webshop
  • Information and identifiers given on making the product reviews

Out payment provider Paytrail stores IP-address, payment method and payment time & date during the payment process. Paytrail Privacy Policy

Information usage

We will provide needed information to 3rd parties to fulfill the customer order process. These 3rd parties are including but not limited to logistics service providers, banks, payment service providers, accounting companies, marketing partners and IT-companies needed to fulfill customer order or enable marketing of our products to end customer.

We will provide information to public authority if requested by them. In such case we will inform also the customer on this request if it is justifiable and legitimate.

Protection of register

We will store the customer information in our register as long as it is necessary to fulfill the use the information was collected for, or as long as the law determines the information can be stored.

Personal information will be disposed according to the personal data protection legislation. Some information could be stored longer for accounting, warranty or claim purposes.

Customers personal data is handled within the terms of personal data protection law. The register is located on password-protected and encrypted servers, which are not accessible by outside parties.

Customers rights

Customer has a right to

  • Check the personal information we have stored
  • Ask to modify the stored information
  • Restrict the usage of the information (e.g. prevent marketing)
  • Make a complaint to the supervising authority (

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Updating this Register Description

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