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Prodiscus is the first Finnish disc golf brand and manufacturer that produces all it’s discs in Finland. Prodiscus started in 2006 as a disc golf product importer. Prodiscus’ founder Kai Vesa decided that he will create and develop own line-up of discs and accessories for the disc golf community. Since starting, we have provided high quality discs, bags and equipment to the players. We’re known for our high-quality products worldwide.

We are in a phase of fast growth and we will serve the community by creating new awesome molds and develop our product line-up. We have full line-up of discs and we are constantly improving our selection to give the players more variety where to choose from.

We believe in providing high quality products to professionals and amateurs alike – straight from Finland.

Prodiscus isn’t just a regular company. We love disc golf and it can be seen in our actions towards the community. We are a major supporter of the sport by providing the best equipment, organizing education, events and clinics for the new players and supporting numerous up-and-coming players to reach their highest potential. In addition, we think that it is an important matter to serve the disc golf community and to spread the disc golf spirit. First of all, we want every disc golfer to enjoy disc golf with our products and we want to help the disc golf grow.

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Do you have any idea how we can serve you and the community better? Please let us know what we can do for you. If you would like to become a partner, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are open for business collaborations and mutually beneficial projects in field of disc golf.

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