Team Prodiscus is a group of disc golf ambassadors, competing players and great individuals who promote the sport. Team Prodiscus is a place of active and enthusiastic Prodiscus loving players willing to spread the word of Prodiscus’ products. Team players are your first and the easiest way to get to know Prodiscus on the course by asking them questions and testing the discs. They are happy to help.

Prodiscus has 3 Team stages depending on your activity in disc golf and your skillset as a player.

Team Prodiscus:

Team Prodiscus is for players that compete regularly and are committed to upgrade their game all the time. We have many great talents in our team and you will hear from them in the future for sure. It is the highest team level and the players have limitless opportunities to cooperate and shine with us.

Team Ambassador:

The place of the disc golfers that are working hard to grow the sport. As an ambassador you are expected to be active, organize tournaments and be a great promoter for the sport. The Ambassadors have a major support from Prodiscus to bring disc golf into next level in their area and nationwide.

Team Spartan:

The Spartans are ambitious disc golfers who want to enjoy the sport and our products while showing an example on the course. As a Spartan, you can be amateur player without high goals on competing or you can for example be ambitious up-and-comer with great future ahead. Team Spartan is also a great way to rise to higher Team levels.

Every team stage is important, and every player is valuable part of Prodiscus. If you are interested on applying for any of our team stage, please send your open application to

We will read and go through every application and will get back to you with a response. Please note that we are constantly facing hard pressure timewise and responding might take some time. 

Team Prodiscus Hall of Fame:

Kevin Jones

Austin Hannum

Luke Humphries

Henna Blomroos

Henrik Johansen

Devan Owens

Luukas Rokkanen

Prodiscus have had great individuals and unbelievable players in the team and we are proud that we have been able to support their careers in early stages and help them achieve great things in disc golf.